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Warrior Cats: The Winding Path (Book 1)

Warrior Cats: The Winding Path (Book 1)

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WarriorsCreativity By WarriorsCreativity Completed

A new generation of cats have been born. Sagekit, Timberkit, and Nightkit are born into ThunderClan. Like any cat, they have a destiny. They must choose the path on which they'll take and that will lead them to their demise or life as a warrior.
It has been many moons since the times of Firestar and Bramblestar roaming the forest. Times have changed, battles were fought, cats had lived then died, and disease had spread. Stories of the past are told while new stories blossom into life.

Anyone else imagine "hush swiftbreeze" ( bluestars prophecy)
its funny. juniperberry is a healing herb and her apprentice is named poppypaw. i wonder if she'll name her
I had a Timberleaf in one of my stories, it was deleted by accident😕
KittyStrike KittyStrike Mar 13
She will definitely be brilliant at finding juniper berries, then. xD
KittyStrike KittyStrike Apr 21
Wait, so the medicine cat used to be Sweetscent and now it is Littleburr or am I a bit mixed up?