The Silent Brute

The Silent Brute

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Kind Devil By HooliganImagination Updated Dec 28, 2017

Miriam Berk is the foul-mouthed Student Body President at Monroe High. She has as many friends as she has enemies, except for the mysterious guy built like The Terminator in the back of her Chem II class. As soon as she notices him, Miriam wants him... as a Sergeant-At-Arms  at first.
Cassius Lucas doesn't like many things. He hates ducks, skim milk, and anything that squeals in his presence. Which is why he doesn't want to be bothered with the nosey Student Body President. 

But their chemistry is explosive and after a month of being in each other's company, what if they can't bear to part? What will happen when Miri's abusive stepbrother comes back into her life and can't stand to see her happy for once?

Read on and find out...

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taytay_stargirl taytay_stargirl Oct 03, 2017
Just wanna say that I am very offended at the fact that he doesn't like  ducks
taytay_stargirl taytay_stargirl Oct 03, 2017
Low key hate when people say it's their seat when there is no did you pay for it???
Marcie4321 Marcie4321 May 15, 2017
Okay calm yo self, before I introduce you to a hardcover manual
MadelineRoseC MadelineRoseC Feb 09, 2016
Don't hate on skim milk.
                              Yes I realize that I'm a loser. I'll go crawl in a hole now thanks bye.
Sharklover15 Sharklover15 Dec 24, 2015
Hey what up other Miriam from another mother! Hehehe my name spelled the same way too XD