Let Me Know [ m.y.g ]

Let Me Know [ m.y.g ]

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mickey By bambamsfringe Updated Jun 03, 2017

Kim Serin had always been dependent on someone. She never had the courage to do things on her own whether it'd be to attend parties or open up her own business. Not until she meets Min Yoongi, a person who thought that he never really needed anyone. 

Slowly, she learns how to be the person that other people depend on and without both of them admitting it, they were slowly starting to get attracted to one another because opposites, in fact, do attract. 

Serin forces her way into his life and helps him realise that his desire to be left alone wasn't always as good as he thought it was. Serin makes him realise that sometimes it's okay to depend on someone instead of just bottling it all inside "because if it gets too much, just let me know."


  • angst
  • bangtan
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • bts
  • kpop
  • minyoongi
  • suga
KookieNutDishKK KookieNutDishKK Aug 04, 2016
Where do you live, do you live alone? 2x
                              EXID JJANG!!!!!
                              I like the story.
kissesfromEXO kissesfromEXO Mar 02, 2016
That moment when your dear heartue can't handle all the cuteness