Two Eyes Down

Two Eyes Down

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I love living.
I love the music filling my ears
I love the scent of flowers from outside
I love the feeling of grass between my toes
I love tasting the San Fran culture
I love all of it.

I just wish I could see it.

Natalie is down a sense everyone else has. Sight. Her entire world was always black. Any beautiful scenery, a void of nothingness. 

Demi, the international, platinum-selling artist, sees what's under the skin. She sees Natalie's unique personality. Demi shows Natalie life is a beautiful thing, despite Nat never seeing it occur with her own eyes. 

This is the beginning of their story.. 

"you don't need sight to have vision. 

But rather You need vision to truly see what meets the eye."- Natalie Foster

Natalie x Demi

(currently being revamped)