infatuated ↠ isaac lahey

infatuated ↠ isaac lahey

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"Isaac is Infatuated by you,  you can clearly see it in his eyes."

Zoey Martin, Lydia Martin's sister, was pulled into the supernatural world after she was bitten. Except, the bite wasn't from an Alpha. She knew there was something behind it, but she told herself she'll deal with it after all the chaos.

Sacrifices began in Beacon Hills after the Kanima drama happened. They dealt with the Darach, fought off some Oni for awhile, but when Stiles Stilinski gets possessed by a Nogitsune, everything goes downhill.

And I mean everything.

**I DO NOT own Teen Wolf, I only own Zoey Martin**

{ season 3a and 3b, book 1 }

OhMyGerLinds OhMyGerLinds May 16, 2015
I like books better when it's written in multiple P.O.V's but its good as long as you keep up the good work with the writing