A Package Deal

A Package Deal

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k.denn By unboob Updated Mar 06, 2015

Jared made a mistake when he was sixteen years old but from that mistake, he got the best thing ever; a baby boy. Now twenty two years old, with no support from his family, Jared is a single dad to six year old Caden. But he doesn't care. He's surviving as long as he has his baby boy. 

Twenty Six year old Jaxon is known as the “Bi-sexual man-whore.” Like a circle, he has no one in his corner. It's not that no one wants to get close to him, they do, but he doesn't let them. He doesn't see the point in relationships as, according to Jaxon, they're all the same, girls and boys alike. 

What will happen when these two meet?


Haha😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh god! This kid is amazing!! So bloody cute!! Amazing I simply adore this little man!!😂😂😂😂😂
Imabunnydealwithit Imabunnydealwithit Nov 08, 2016
Anybody notice when you open to comments the faces look the opposite way
kuro-nessie kuro-nessie Mar 27, 2016
Well would always tell my sleeping self to get up and walk up the stairs to my bed. Of course they were behind me making sure I was safe. And in the morning I'd wake up and wonder just how I got to bed xD
sydsterb2 sydsterb2 Dec 23, 2015
Now we can understand more how our own parents feel when they clean up our messes.
Babyblu93 Babyblu93 Sep 26, 2015
the feels this made me feel! i want my baby to grow up and successful and happy with what ever he wants to do. but i also want him to stay 3 and call me mommy forever.