The simple life . . . or not.

The simple life . . . or not.

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Harley By vamplover29 Updated Mar 27, 2012

  " Ugh," I groaned. Why does school even exist? Most of the stuff you learn you don't even need.

I'm sitting here in history with my head on the desk top in front of me. This is normally not like me. I love history. But today I hate it. I hate everything. "Why?" you might ask . It's simple, really. My boyfriend broke up with me. Yeah, i know typical, guy-breaks-up-with-girl. Girl-calls-her-best-friend. Girl-sobs-on-the-phone-to-her-best friend. Best-friend-tell's-her-'it-will-all-be-okay'. Yeah, it seems like it will be okay. Until you hang up, then all the thoughts and worries come rushing back at full force. Then you realize your best friend doesn't really know if you'll be okay. She's just saying it so she doesn't have to listen to you cry.

 So here I am, with a broken heart, and a friend who doesn't care.

The bell rings, so that means I have to get my broken heart up and go to the lunch room so O can pretend I'm eating. Oh, yeah, did I mention I don't eat any more? I don't talk...

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