Saved by The Bad Boy

Saved by The Bad Boy

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Mrs. Smith By MAXAM1 Completed

Cadence Riley hardly even said a word throughout her whole high school career. With abusive parents she was determined to stay invisible, she didn't want to get into any trouble, her parents would NOT like that. But when the famous Axel Bates lights her fuse, she blows.

 So next thing you know they're in detention together. And then Cadence has to go home. And just like she guessed, her parents are not happy. Axel happens to break into her house that night, walking in on Cadence getting beaten, he saves her, then she gets shipped off to her beloved aunts house. What happens 4 months later when they meet up again?

Follow This 18/19 year old girl on her wild journey with a crazy ass boy, and beautiful romance in the air.

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chantalorye chantalorye Dec 25, 2017
must have been a fücking encyclopaedia or something. and idk if anyone has ever played the scooby doo game on wii because velma uses books as weapons in that game. no shame whatsoever.
pizza-is-life-114 pizza-is-life-114 Jul 06, 2017
Best believe I would've threw that book back, but that's just me 🤷🏾‍♀️
i_am_trash_ok i_am_trash_ok Sep 02, 2017
Some language: I hope so else this would be just some pictures
hunting_girl8 hunting_girl8 Jul 22, 2017
I would've been like "listen here buddy! If you say one more word to me I am gonna beat your A**"
HaloNeko HaloNeko May 22, 2016
You kinda said it in the description but... yknow, nevermind...
Monteray9 Monteray9 Oct 29, 2016
This book is stupid with it cruelty, why would Cadence's parents be mean to them, I just want to bash up their face