the love of bori ( victorious )

the love of bori ( victorious )

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sarah By sarahlovesbori Updated Jan 11, 2013

Tori POV

Man, this has been a long week, at least tomorrow is Friday. So, I've been crushing on the new kid at school, Mike Strath. He is extremely talented, which he proudly showed off in Sikowitz's class. He can act, sing, and oh, did I mention he's a great kisser? Yeah, lucky jealous Too bad my sister likes him too, and we all know how she gets when she likes someone. Every single time I try to talk to him, she shows up to ruin the moment. But, the funny thing is, Mike can't stand Trina. Then again, who can?

"Hey you want to walk with me to Sikowitz's class?" Mike asked with a smile.

"Sure let me just put these books in my locker!" I said filled with excitement.

Cat came from nowhere shouting "Today we're going to find out the leads for Sikowitz's new play!, Excited?"

I said in reply, "Cat, I think that's tomorrow"

So she replied, "Oh yeah" and walked away with a puzzling look on her face.

See, I love Cat and all but sometimes I wonder if she even knows what year we're...

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AnAwsomE AnAwsomE Apr 22, 2017
Did she get the 'will Tori and Beck ever speak again?' from stuff that'll happen in the future? If so they should've had a fight between them or something.
Ehhh look like you care you said it yourself you sound like you don't give a damn and you're lissed
- - Apr 30, 2016
SOOOOOOO GOOD! lol. when i got to the end of this chapter i was listening to my music playlist and only then realised the song 'no good for you by meghan trainor' was playing. such a coincidence :)
IshilArsalan IshilArsalan Jul 21, 2014
Yay! That can mean Tori might go out with Beck! Bori forever!
culetz culetz May 28, 2014
love this part omg!!!!!1
                              bori forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
culetz culetz May 28, 2014
i thought it was bori love story but why does mike becomes tori's boyfriend