*ON HOLD* The Don's Whore [Interracial]

*ON HOLD* The Don's Whore [Interracial]

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BeautifullyNotorious By LabelMeNotorious_ Updated Mar 06, 2016

"You weren't supposed to walk away no more. You fucked me, and that was the worst thing you ever did." ~ Tommy Agro

❖Giorgio "The Teflon Don" Gambino❖

I stroll into my warehouse, seething; ready to kill anyone that stepped in my way. Someone actually thought that they could steal from me and get away with it! I pay people to watch my workers and apparently someone isn't doing their job.

Who the fuck did he think he was? I am The Teflon Don, and he clearly has forgotten that.


"What?" I snap out of my thoughts. 

"Waddya want us to do with him?" Affonso asked. Affonso is my Caporegime, the captain that leads the soldiers.

"Wait for me." I hissed. He nodded and walked away from me. I walk up to my office, ignoring the many calls from Victoria DiGiorgio, my ex - fiancèe, or as I call her now, Slut Bitch. 

I open my office door, shrugging my jacket off. Standing in front of my desk was, no other than, my underboss, best friend, and cousin, Sergio Gambino and my consegiliere,...

Page36 Page36 Aug 24, 2016
I'm starting to like this book already, it's different, This Don is really gruesome
thicocoqueen thicocoqueen Sep 10, 2016
Idk why that's hot 😂😂😂 the power he has no the brains every where
iRespectBacon iRespectBacon Mar 16, 2016
Guessing this isn't the book where the comments tell me what words mean 😅 I gotta do all the work *sigh* 😂
Ravenna1993 Ravenna1993 Nov 17, 2016
I was thinking the movie "The Mask" till he started swinging.