The Billionaire's Betrayal

The Billionaire's Betrayal

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"I love you, Celestine Allen King and I will do anything to make you mine again. Anything", he said and kissed my forehead, pressing me tightly to him.

We don't know the value of love, until we loose it.

Heath Wilson King and Celestine Allen are married to each other since two years. Their marriage is not a marriage of love, but it was an arranged marriage. Celestine loves Heath more than her own life, thinking he will love her back one day the way she loves him and believes him blindly with her everything. She is innocent and beautiful women with a sensitive heart. But Heath is not the person she thinks he is.

What happens when she will see the real Heath, beneath the person she loves? Her heart may break. But will Heath be able to mend it. Will again be able to make her love him?

Read the story of Celestine and Heath, as he begs for her love.

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filthybluebird filthybluebird 5 days ago
She is happy because she is getting the d*** every night lol
Rits25oreo Rits25oreo Apr 12
I feel as if Kate knows Heath is gonna be there with a side chick, so she's planning to bring Celestine there to witness! If I were Kate I would say 'I told you say' while patting on her on the back as she cried. 😈
eveline2005 eveline2005 5 days ago
Please edit this. I like the plot but there are too many grammar or spelling mistakes. A lot of readers like my friends don't like stories that have a lot of mistakes, so if you would edit it, or find an editor, I think you would get a lot more cvotes and comments. Just a suggestion
Oh baby this is not an illusion I really got my heart out on my sleeve
filthybluebird filthybluebird 5 days ago
Ohhh really if you know you didn't like her why you take her virginty away for you idiot
CrazyGirl_827 CrazyGirl_827 3 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks he has a side hoe that he actually "loves"