I Live With 12 Protective Brothers! So Why Do YOU Think You Can Steal MY Heart?

I Live With 12 Protective Brothers! So Why Do YOU Think You Can Steal MY Heart?

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Cheetoz By cheetoz19 Updated Jun 03, 2011

Reese Ridge lives with her 12 over protective brother who have anger issues. She's 17 and loves her brothers to death. She doesn't h ave any friends though because they scare them off. Everyone's scared of her brothers. Reese likes her life but things have happened in the past that has made her cautious with everyone but her brothers.

Her brothers, Scotty, Paul, Drew, Drake, Jake, Blake, Jace, John, Joey, Tyler, Seth, and Tyler all blame themselves for everything that has happened to their precious little sister Reese. They all love her to death and are determined to protect her from anyone who might hurt her. They scare away everybody, afraid that her heart might get broken by some guy, or some girl might back stab her. They watch over her with hawk eyes. They refuse to let anyone hurt her again, no matter what...

Trevor Dallas is a 17 year old guy who knows that Reese is the right girl for him as soon as he sees her. Now, he's determined to make her fall for him, as he starts falling for her also. But can he get past her 12 brothers? Ca he climb over the walls she's build up to keep everyone out? Can he show her how to live life more freely? Or will he fail and leave Reese behind the walls nobody but her brothers can seem to get through?

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Allygirl2002 Allygirl2002 Apr 16, 2017
Please tell me you'll update again, I know it's been years but this story is awesome
libroworm1617 libroworm1617 Jul 19, 2017
I really like where this is going if you are still writing this story i would appreciate if you could updated if not that's ok
Ireadevryday Ireadevryday Jun 06, 2011
Please update!! I really think this is going to be an interesting story, and I like the overprotective brothers thing! Please update soon!!
vaniiilllia vaniiilllia 6 days ago
y’all be talkin ab update, it’s been like 7 years😂😂