Two Halves Of The Same Whole (Chris Motionless x Mike Kuza)

Two Halves Of The Same Whole (Chris Motionless x Mike Kuza)

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Rajah By silentbass Updated Nov 20, 2012

I watched him from the crowed as they performed. He was like a dark angel sent from heaven to teach the youth of today. I loved each movement his body made as he did his silly little dances across the stage. THe kids around me were hanging on his every word as he sang and screamed his songs. He came to the side of the stage that I was standing on, his dark eyes locked with mine and a chill went down my spine as he gave me a dark smile.

"Everyone!"  he screamed into the mic and pointed to me. "Look at that fucker! It's Kuza." Everyone turned and looked at me. THere were excited screams and a few mean looks. "Don't kill him in the pit." He laughed and started his speech again before playing a new song of theirs.

My spotlight didn't last long after they left off the stage. I walked through the Warped Tour venue with my eyes pointed at my feet.

"Oh my god it's Chris Motionless!" I heard some girl call out. I started looking around for him, but I couldn't see him anywhere. Two girls came...