Red Moon (BTS Vampire Fiction)

Red Moon (BTS Vampire Fiction)

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~MeMyself&I~ By kawaiiJimin061213 Updated Aug 26, 2018

A transfer student's life will change when she meets 7 of the hottest and coolest boys there is at school... What will she do when she is suddenly surrounded by 6 cold-skinned creatures and 1 warm-blooded human? Who will she eventually fall for? The human? or maybe the vampire?
Inspired by the manhwa, Orange Marmalade, Red Moon - a story of vampires and humans interacting in the modern world - a modern world where truths are sealed and lies are left in the open.

~ I just thought of writing something about Vampires, I know it's already a little common but I just want to let out my forever hidden affection about them... If you're interested, please read, comment, suggest and vote :)

~ I've watched Vampire Knight countless times and other vampire anime as well. The idea of having vampires living among humans is just so thrilling :D

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jeonjungkook1073 jeonjungkook1073 Sep 19, 2017
my princess!!!!!!!!!!!
                              I'm screaming right now!!!!!!!
                              da heck!!!!
some1brokeme some1brokeme Oct 05, 2017
Lmao when someone see someone bleeding and like dying but she or he be like "OMGG are you ok???"
Alieneunmi Alieneunmi 4 days ago
If this is supposed to be Y/N then who else is not pale white? Just asking