Red Moon (BTS Vampire Fiction)

Red Moon (BTS Vampire Fiction)

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~MeMyself&I~ By kawaiiJimin061213 Updated Sep 10

A transfer student's life will change when she meets 7 of the hottest and coolest boys there is at school... What will she do when she is suddenly surrounded by 6 cold-skinned creatures and 1 warm-blooded human? Who will she eventually fall for? The human? or maybe the vampire?
Inspired by the manhwa, Orange Marmalade, Red Moon - a story of vampires and humans interacting in the modern world - a modern world where truths are sealed and lies are left in the open.

~ I just thought of writing something about Vampires, I know it's already a little common but I just want to let out my forever hidden affection about them... If you're interested, please read, comment, suggest and vote :)

~ I've watched Vampire Knight countless times and other vampire anime as well. The idea of having vampires living among humans is just so thrilling :D

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