A Certain Guy (BaekYeol Fanfic)

A Certain Guy (BaekYeol Fanfic)

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Byun Baekhyun.

He thinks that he's perfect. He thinks that there's nothing that he could wish for. That there's nothing that he need to look for. With the people who loved him and the person he loves with his side, he can't look for anything anymore. He thinks that he is already complete.

But the only person he thinks that could make him happy is the girl that he loves the most. Taeyeon. He loves her. He thinks that she's already the one. The one that would be his life and would be the life of her life.

But what would happen if a certain guy would come into his life?

"I know we can be more than that"
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No sweety that's not how you spell Chanyeol, It's C-h-a-n-y-e-o-l that's how okay? Remember that (:
I'm laughing so much because of that Exo lotto interview crack where Baek was a 'florist'. 
TAORIS *makes inhuman noise whilst rolling across the planet quicker than wifi*
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*breathe in certain amount of oxygen*
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