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Zero Gravity ➳ Barry Allen

Zero Gravity ➳ Barry Allen

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- K A Y C C ™ By WhatsCrackaLackin Updated Apr 02

T H E  F L A S H

I was cornered, trapped, surrounded, Taking in my last few dozen breaths. As I kneeled into the gravel falling slowly to my palms while he stared tauntingly at me through the blurs.

"Things could have gone better, Cory. We could've been happy, and now look at where you are." 

"You did this to me, Barry." I croaked. But he shook his head.

With glowing eyes, he yelled. "You did this to yourself!" It was my turn to shake my head free from this Flash impersonator. This isn't him. This isn't my Barry.

"You want the satisfaction of killing me?" I coughed an uneasy laugh. I flew behind him, choosing to ignore the blood dripping from my bottom lip. 

"Well then, catch me if you can."

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matchewsbaby matchewsbaby Nov 15, 2016
I get that everybody's excited like 'Connor franta ' wahoo. But like if this is Connor frantas sister. I'm like why? I Don't like to mix Youtubers and Tv shows
mya_lishay896 mya_lishay896 Oct 22, 2016
I love her from h2o and the vampire diaries and the originals
Writer_in_the_Dark Writer_in_the_Dark May 08, 2016
SlytherinXVII SlytherinXVII Dec 15, 2016
She's confusing me so much and I don't know if it's just me or if it's the story. But I'm just... lost?
Isabelle_Sarah Isabelle_Sarah Jul 15, 2016
For some reason I laughed way too loud at this and people stared at me
Writer_in_the_Dark Writer_in_the_Dark May 08, 2016
True though. Well more like energy conservation, but same thing