Destiel Smut Oneshots

Destiel Smut Oneshots

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Cassie Wuvs Dean By DestielSmuhtHunter67 Updated Mar 07

Lol I think there's not enough smut on this site for DESTIEL so I shall add some. 

This is basically a drabble fic, so when I get bored, and I have no ideas for my other story, I'll write here. 

I will give a short description before each story, so you know what au, context, all that stuff, before you read. 

Hope you enjoy!! The story IS mature, so follow me if you're having trouble seeing parts!

(The tags will change as more stories are added)

He doesn't mind cause he is bi. Maybe that's why they're to genders.
Didn't they say they hated each other and now they're taking each other clothes off
This is why we have the dress code against showing shoulders.
A is for apple B is for berries D is for Deans dick- wait...
                              IF YOU COULD GET ME A DRINK
                              OF WATER CAUSE
                              MY LIPS ARE CHAPPED AND FADED
                              CALL MY ANUT MARIE
                              HELP HER GATHER 
                              ALL MY THINGS