Making Silly Faces At My Mate/ On Hold Forever

Making Silly Faces At My Mate/ On Hold Forever

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EyelessCorey By EyelessCorey Updated May 04

Meet Jackson Night
A crazy teenager who is funny, silly and stupid. He is outrages he loves partying socializing but there is one problem he can't socialize because everyone picks on him. You know why. Because he is gay and apparently everyone hates gays in his school. 

His parents love him and so does his family but is that enough for him to stay or to fight the people trying to take him down.

Meet Ryder Moon
The school badass. He doesn't pick on Jackson or even helps him because  you know you can't help a gay fag but that will all change or will it. After Ryder's birthday he can find his mate.

Oh I forgot to tell you Ryder is a werewolf.


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kitty133441 kitty133441 Apr 17
Yea but after u hear what they say u start questioning ur self asking is that true
Roses are red 
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              All I can say
                              Is that escalated quickly 😂
*In Background with the Baby Kitten* 
                              OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROASTED!!!!!!!!!!
I just scared my best friend because I just laughed way to hard at that 😂💀
I KNOW SOMETHING MORE EFFECTIVE!!! *takes out a baby kitten*
                              Baby Kitten: Meow
phan3133 phan3133 Oct 06
Once you hear something enough times you start to believe it.