Joyriding (Ereri)

Joyriding (Ereri)

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Lana Banana By Maroon5_love Updated Feb 13

Levi Ackerman is a member of a secret government organization, the Survey Corps, and is on a mission to avenge not on only the deaths of hundreds of people, but also of his colleaugue and mentor Grisha Jaeger by the hands of a ruthless gang called the Titans.

Eren Jaeger, who never knew his father, has led a quiet life in Shiganshina up until now and will soon be leaving for Trost University, then who knows?

Get a job?

Get married?

Have kids?

Anything is possible.

What he doesn't expect though, is to wake up in his own car with a ravenet sitting in the driver's seat taking him to god knows where.



Ok so modernday!au ereri. There will be adult content so if you don't like it, don't read it.

I don't own any of the characters or aot.

TatonkaTanoChan TatonkaTanoChan Oct 07, 2016
Well if I learned one thing from Jace then that anything can be used as a weapon!  EREN USE THE GLITTER CARD!
MangiatriceDiPatate MangiatriceDiPatate Dec 12, 2016
                              Mi sento strana a commentare in italiano una ff inglese ma vabb
captainleviwannabe captainleviwannabe Nov 28, 2016
*eren walks over to Levi with coffee in hand*
                              Eren: hoe don't do it *eren trips spills coffee all over Levi*
                              Levi: omg
INeedCoffeeHelpMe INeedCoffeeHelpMe Sep 05, 2016
What the fûck 
                              Why am I imagining a stray butt walking into the shop with its hands on its hips and weird legs
INeedCoffeeHelpMe INeedCoffeeHelpMe Sep 05, 2016
Me: *hiding under the table* I JUST WANTED SOME COFFEE YOU FÛCK 0-o
AdoreforAot AdoreforAot Nov 13, 2016
Spring in my step- the music every white girl uses for makeup tutorials.