Avengers Next Generation(On Hold&Major Editing)

Avengers Next Generation(On Hold&Major Editing)

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War_Never_Ends27453 By Smores_Bunny27453 Updated May 30, 2015

Long ago, when the world was filled with nothing but chaos and disorder and villains, the world needed a group of heroes to stop them before anymore innocent blood was shed. That's when a group was formed: 

The soldier, The spy, The giant, The pixie, The ghost, The witch, The speedster, The archer, The king, The beast, The knight and The God 

They protected the earth for years, until one day the earth was finally in a state of peace the heroes fought for. As the world seemed to enjoy the time of peace and happiness, so did the heroes. The soldier and the spy fell in love, as did the pixie and the giant. Soon the witch and the ghost fell in love as well, and the Thunder God returned home to Asgard never to be seen again. Soon, these heroes all bared a child, each with a destiny awaiting them. Born with unique capability, powers and skill this group of heroes will be known as:

The Next Generation.

(Warning: Do not read until I'm finished changing)