Mated  l.h

Mated l.h

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Daniella Johnson is a 17 year old girl trying to get through high school and make her family proud of her. But there's one thing about Dani not many people know.

She's a werewolf.

She was happy being what she was. Next in line for alpha but before she became one, she needed to find her mate. 

Luke Hemmings is a 17 year old, who is new to Sydney. He starts a new school and acquires new friends only because they're werewolves like him.

It would've been a perfect day until he found his mate.

This new alpha never wanted to be mated. He hated the thought but this bond is too strong to break.

Cover by: Stacysmom16

Under going major editing.

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B!tch what dafuq is dis is he a fvking magician being all black n sh!t
directionarmy_ directionarmy_ 6 days ago
I have a teacher named coach Crawford he’s my history teacher
My phone brightness was at it's lowest when I first looked at it and idky but for a split second I thought Ashton was a bear.
The first time I scent a death glare to one of my classmates he screamed like a 6 y/o girl at a 18+ horror movie and I was laughing so hard it hurt. He doesn't like me very much.. eh don't care
bassplayer69 bassplayer69 Sep 11, 2016
If he can turn people into vampires let me say me next me next
bulletproofkermit bulletproofkermit Jul 04, 2016
When u introduce ur classmate to memes and they become addicted