Mated  l.h

Mated l.h

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Luke Hemmings By bananahemmingx Completed

Daniella Johnson is a 17 year old girl trying to get through high school and make her family proud of her. But there's one thing about Dani not many people know.

She's a werewolf.

She was happy being what she was. Next in line for alpha but before she became one, she needed to find her mate. 

Luke Hemmings is a 17 year old, who is new to Sydney. He starts a new school and acquires new friends only because they're werewolves like him.

It would've been a perfect day until he found his mate.

This new alpha never wanted to be mated. He hated the thought but this bond is too strong to break.

Cover by: Stacysmom16

Under going major editing.

If he can turn people into vampires let me say me next me next
minyoonqie minyoonqie Mar 30
I cri cause this made me laugh cx @irwineverland and Ik I spelled cry wrong deal with it
Luna_Wolf04 Luna_Wolf04 Jul 04
When u introduce ur classmate to memes and they become addicted
timeforfood timeforfood Mar 17
Rejected, rejected, yah you just got rejected. R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D
What was I thinking? Everyone sees it,Its not a secret if I'm just a reject
Has anyone ever watched a show called Wolf Blood, because this fanfic is giving me a sense of déjà vu