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Tangled in the Great Maze || Newt/Maze Runner Fanfic

Tangled in the Great Maze || Newt/Maze Runner Fanfic

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nina;) By everythingaftersws Completed

When Elizabeth wakes up, she finds herself in a metal elevator that only seemed to be going up.
When the doors open, she sees a boy her age jumping down to get a closer look at her. 
As Elizabeth spends more time in the maze, it seems like everything binds Elizabeth and Newt closer together.
Then one day, Elizabeth finds a way to successfully get everyone out of the dreadful maze. 
But when a love triangle arises and the creators throw tougher challenges at them, will things go as well as they planned it to?

Coidktn? Ah. Nice word.
                              I coidktn believe my eyes when I read a word I had never heard of before.
                              I'm sorry i coidktn stop myself from typing that.
                              Okay, I should be banished into the maze now...
Totally not Newt because he is a boy and I am a girl. If I am Newt who I repeat is a boy it would mean I would have boy features that I'm not ready to see.
do you mean couldn't??? Sorry I just love messing with authors XD
_soulstar15_ _soulstar15_ Aug 21, 2016
Elizabeth but only because she has newt and yanno everyone wants him 😂😂
Stormzez Stormzez Dec 18, 2016
Ooh nice start :) this is my second time reading this but the last time was like years ago so I forgot how it went 😂.
imperfectmrsperfect imperfectmrsperfect Aug 07, 2016
First of all; why would you touch someone's chest 
                              Second of all: GO GIRL EVEN THO YOU JUST PUNCHED THE HOTTEST BRITTAIN EVA!