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How I Met The Love Of My Life(SasuNaru)

How I Met The Love Of My Life(SasuNaru)

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Yume14 By Yume14 Completed

(modern day)
''uh is it too late to friendzone this?'' ''unless you want to be friends with benefits?'' he smirked. ''damn I'm fucked!'' ''Of course you are...literally going to be fucked'' 

At konoha high an student named Naruto Uzamaki, becomes friends with Sasuke Uchiha. One day Sakura Haruno(naruto's best friend) begged him to take note and spend time with sasuke to find what he likes in a girl. Naruto accepted only if sakura agreed to not tell his most embarrassing secret. 
Little did Naruto know that Sasuke really liked him....extremely ;)

only people who truly have an dirty mind will understand the title.
people that read: how is that possible. naruto and sasuke are guys so how could they have babies?(my friends think like that).
fangirls with passion read: naruto want that watermelon! ;) 
I do not own Naruto Or Shippuden.

I love this book so much that I'm rereading it and i seriously don't do that often
How come in Jikook fanfictions where Jungkook has black hair they NEVER describe it as "raven". I think it's the best description.
emowoods205 emowoods205 Jan 24
His best friend should be Gaara
                              But hey don't all girls/guys wanna ride dat Uchiha Dick
Poor Lee :°( dw you deserve someone better than that Bītch.