I Wanna Have Yo Babies

I Wanna Have Yo Babies

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(modern day)
''uh is it too late to friendzone this?'' ''unless you want to be friends with benefits?'' he smirked. ''damn I'm fucked!'' ''Of course you are...literally going to be fucked'' 

At konoha high an student named Naruto Uzamaki, becomes friends with Sasuke Uchiha. One day Sakura Haruno(naruto's best friend) begged him to take note and spend time with sasuke to find what he likes in a girl. Naruto accepted only if sakura agreed to not tell his most embarrassing secret. 
Little did Naruto know that Sasuke really liked him....extremely ;)

only people who truly have an dirty mind will understand the title.
people that read: how is that possible. naruto and sasuke are guys so how could they have babies?(my friends think like that).
fangirls with passion read: naruto want that watermelon! ;) 
I do not own Naruto Or Shippuden.

Our teacher took a pic of the student put it on the board and told everyone to start clapping. He woke up clapping not knowing why. We deleted it in the end but it was fun
I'll take a chip and eat it! LMAO!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
death_is_the_truth death_is_the_truth Dec 19, 2016
Sakura: I gotta get there..... fast. 
                              Sans: hey bud, how bought a shortcut?
                              Sakura: oh hells to the yes.
MandaChrona MandaChrona Nov 23, 2016
Gah, Sakura really is a biotch... what kind of friend is she leaving Naruto with no way home. Stupid girl... I'd run her over with her own car.... haha
Stay in school kids! Don't do drugs!
                              Opps! I said that wrong!😂
                              Stay in drugs kids! Don't do school!
                              Much better😁
ilove_readingbook ilove_readingbook Dec 31, 2016
Lee known the answer to Sakura's question. He's in love with her, but she's only looking at Sasuke. Karma is bitch Sakura.