Peace In Pieces (WW3) [COMPLETE]

Peace In Pieces (WW3) [COMPLETE]

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qưəəი оf ცıтсჩеs By -Slaine Completed

It's sometime in the future. World War III has come. No country is safe from it. They have taken it too far.
A breaking point.
All countries are at a raging on war. 
One that can't seem to be resolved.

They've past the point of no return...
No backward glances...
Their games of make believe are at an end.

(( Hetalia: World War Three ))
((No. This is not really going to happen. I hope... I MEAN NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE OR ANY COUNTRY!))

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Raven-Fallington Raven-Fallington Oct 14, 2017
plz dont kill mah powerhouse home, if he dies, i kinda die so >_>
Indigo-Blues_- Indigo-Blues_- Dec 06, 2017
Yes, Yes,Yes, Yes,Yes, Yes,Yes, Yes,Yes, Yes,Yes, Yes,Yes, Yes.
Which is probably WHY you were getting the lecture, Germany!
XcrazywriterXD XcrazywriterXD Nov 27, 2017
Austria stop shitting on your cousin...or something like that
Budwillow Budwillow Feb 04
Sealand technically isn't a country and I'm going off geography, not hetalia.
XcrazywriterXD XcrazywriterXD Nov 27, 2017
But if he's the representation shouldn't that mean he's already a country