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The Newest Avenger (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

The Newest Avenger (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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greekmarauders By greekmarauders Updated Sep 04, 2015

Percy Jackson is slowly losing his mind, but the others expect him to lead them. So he does, pretending that he wasn't affected by Annabeth's death, his parents death, and being tortured in Tartarus by all who wanted revenge against him; just like any other hero would.
  But the Gods couldn't be fooled. They noticed how their young hero looked when he thought no one was watching, and they noticed how the nightmares affected him. 
  So when a group called the Avengers seek help from the Gods in a new war, who will they send to help the Avengers?

Duh,their brats so of course they do; Their used to the luxurious life of having a stable leader.
                              A stable foundation.
The gods didn't usually do this unless Zeus did something stupid
Percy,I may not fully understand the feeling of mourning but I do understand the feeling of guilt and self blame so just keep it together,after all I'm a puny mortal and I have.
(Totally not linked to a song)
                              Little do you know I'm being pushed off the breaking point.
Expected and Good.
                              But I'd like to be startled of how well it is.
Not really my favorite choice either..
                              It means they know my secrets...