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Confused Feelings || [BirdFlash] Fanfiction

Confused Feelings || [BirdFlash] Fanfiction

23.1K Reads 1K Votes 28 Part Story
Dylan [he/him] By psycho_child Completed

It all started with a crush Wally West had on his best friend. And then there was this awkward kiss and soon some making out, and then...well...

TheLightningThief265 TheLightningThief265 Aug 21, 2016
Wally.... -calls Barry for help- your uncle is coming to help
TheLightningThief265 TheLightningThief265 Aug 21, 2016
WALLY GIMME SOME THAT ICE CREAM!?!?? This is what goes on when him and Barry are in the same room
Irony, Cartoon Network's Nobel prize. Now they just have to bring out the action figures that were never sold and play with them for five hours straight.
Nothing dearie!
                              Definitely not watching steamy hot sex or anything, and then trying to change the channel to the Hellfire network...
I love the gay in this.
                              Yeah yo, we are here and we are queer, nothing wrong with that.
                              "HOMO INTENDED"
CryogenicAngel CryogenicAngel Dec 26, 2016
*lets out an inhuman screech*
                              *draws a pentagram*
                              *puts yaoi in*
                              HAIL SATAN 
                              (Lol not really)