I'll Protect You, Heichou

I'll Protect You, Heichou

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➕TheFeelz By StoicHeart Updated May 22, 2015

Eren, can be described as nothing but a wild animal, who doesn't have a master to be tamed by. Levi however is a special breed to mankind, and is most wanted for being known as an angel who can't fight for himself. Not because he's weak, it's simply because he's afraid of killing those around him.
So, what would happen if a possible threat to humanity ends up meeting a an innocent who seeks rebellion? Well, that's like asking what would happen if a demon met an angel?
Sounds crazy, but these two, make it work. 

Btw: I do not own theses character they're from an awesome Tv show called Attack on Titan. The photos and media are also not mine but all possible edits to go with the story I've done. Just to let you know.

Warnings: Future smut warnings, trigger warnings, violence warnings,

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Cause you make it feel like, I've been locked INTO Heaven... For to looooong~
DemonicLions DemonicLions Jul 05, 2017
When you read it as Hunk instead of Hulk.... I'VE SEEN TOO MUCH VOLTRON ON INSTAGRAM LATELY
EmoWoobit EmoWoobit Jun 25, 2017
                              THE MOMENT OF TRUTH
                              WE WERE
                              BORN TO MAKE HISTORY!
Lucifers_Property Lucifers_Property May 24, 2016
Levi did a badass move right now... I imagined the whole thing. 0///0
JeffTheKiller284 JeffTheKiller284 Sep 03, 2016
You make me feel like, I've been locked out of heaven! Oh, locked IN heaven.. Oops..