15 Days With You (GirlxGirl)

15 Days With You (GirlxGirl)

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"15 days."

She said while directly looking at my eyes. I've never seen those cerulean orbs stare at me in this intensity before. Usually, they were full of... admiration.


"Date me for 15 days. After that I'll be completely out of your life." Now her irritable, annoying face showed a smug expression; like she was challenging me or something. But me being myself, of course I just couldn't back down from a challenge.

Challenge accepted!

Little did I know that those 15 days would be the days that I will never forget; not in this lifetime.

PrinceGarnet PrinceGarnet 3 days ago
But no homo though. Oh wait I like how the past 4 people had the same thought. 😂😂😂😂
videlmc98 videlmc98 2 days ago
BOOM (that was my heart BTW) The update was amazing thanks - love it! (ugh, my chest *collapses*) *smiles*
It explains me a lil, just got the looks thing wrong. I wouldn't say I'm attractive or pretty enough to get anyone I want
PrinceGarnet PrinceGarnet 3 days ago
Yaaaaa as straight as the curve in my smirk that I use to deny your obvious attempt to act like your straight lmao 😂
Erika21690 Erika21690 Sep 18
Sometimes it all gets a little too much, but you gotta realized that soon the fog will clear up