cherry blossom // h.s

cherry blossom // h.s

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幸せ By bloss-om Updated Dec 01, 2015

"all he cares about is money, women, and alcohol.

furthermore, you my dear, are just as innocent as the rest.

a pure cherry blossom ready to be trampled upon."

a story in which a naive young doll and her family move next door to a handsome multimillionaire who uses her body to fulfill his sexual desires.

warning: this story will contain, daddy kink, an age gap, and inappropriate langue.

  • 1920
  • agedifference
  • daddy
  • daddykink
  • ddlg
  • dominance
  • greatgatsby
  • harrystyles
  • kink
  • newyork
  • onedirection
  • rich
avadoll5 avadoll5 Mar 25, 2017
ok but mis thigh isnt even short. try not even covering ur buttcheeks
They should be happy with who she is! People shouldn't care what they look like! It should make them want to improve with a work out maybe, but not make them want to change themselves!
cupidsvomit cupidsvomit Aug 19, 2017
Call me stupid, but i feel like my stretch marks in the side of my hips are caused by my underwear? Since the garter of it is literally causing a print on my skin because of its tightness. Like.. you know what i mean? I get these all the time, and i dont think it goes away..
estrellalexa estrellalexa May 30, 2017
finally I story with a normal average size girl !! thank you <3
ThatGirlYouUseToWant ThatGirlYouUseToWant Feb 10, 2017
Why did u describe him as scrawny tho, I was picturing some weird old man