A Certain Scientific Omnitrix: Book 5, Total War.

A Certain Scientific Omnitrix: Book 5, Total War.

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Mikoto Misaka By Misaka_Omnitrix Completed

A 3rd world war seems to be looming on the horizon as somehow, the world all seems to be turning against Academy City thanks to the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. Touma Kamijou and Index are both sent to Avignon, France in order to help destroy an artifact being used by the Catholic Church to turn the world against the Science Side and cause war. However, they disappear soon upon arrival.. and Ben and Mikoto step in to search for them.

Things get more difficult however when Vilgax makes a surprise visit to France.. and Ben finds himself facing another member of God's Right Seat, Terra of The Left, while Mikoto is left to fend against the mysterious Malware, a being born of Tree Diagram and the DNA of Upgrade.

The world seems to be turning further upside-down as the occult, science, and what lies beyond our planet get mixed in a titanic showdown.

jenns28 jenns28 Jul 13, 2016
Awh I love it how he calls Mikoto his girl and is overprotective of her
Flamewarrior11 Flamewarrior11 Oct 16, 2016
Why? Why are Japanese people so dirty minded some times? I'm not being racist I'm just saying this as an American who has a friend who called him(me) a weeabo. Basically why the dirty minded humor. I'm fine with fart jokes.
Toastees_French Toastees_French Apr 21, 2016
Il est = He is
                              It's better to replace it with "C'est"
                              Which means "It's"
Flamewarrior11 Flamewarrior11 Oct 16, 2016
CountOrlock777 CountOrlock777 Feb 23, 2016
... so basically ultimate BS maker  kinda like how sandman slim does magic.
crashman360 crashman360 Oct 26, 2015
Basically Rath about to kick your a$$ so fast that he does it five times