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She's Alive (An Arrow Fanfic)

She's Alive (An Arrow Fanfic)

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Full Name By music_ismy_escape Updated Jun 13, 2016

This book does mention self harm and eating disorders it doesn't go into too much detail but there are mentions of it!!! 

14 years ago Oliver found out that he had gotten Sandra Hawke pregnant. Later his mom convinced this girl to lie to Oliver and tell him the baby died. What will happen when Oliver finds out he has a daughter and she's alive? What will happen when he finds out how broken his daughter really is? Will he be able to get passed her walls or will she block him out the rest of her life? Okay so small spoiler in 3... 2... 1... If you can't tell by the description i got this idea after the one episode where it was Oliver's past before the island and he finds out that a girl named Sandra is pregnant with his baby and then he freaks out so Moira convinces her to lie. I did change it up a bit considering it wasn't really 14 years ago it happened like right before the island but i needed the girl to be older so just pretend it happened longer ago. Also Moira is alive and Oliver is still CEO at Queen Consolidated.
This will be edited when i'm done writing it so please no rude comments about not writing something the right way!!! (I made the cover for this before i changed my user so yeah it says by Alina_Starkov deal with it!) lol.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the characters except for Megan and the people in her school and an occasional other!!!!!!!

Miranda393 Miranda393 Mar 31
I thought her name was Samantha? I'm pretty sure it is in Season 5
Miranda393 Miranda393 Mar 31
Love it! It's just the punctuation is annoying me... HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF MAKING THE LETTER I A CAPITAL?!?!?!?! Sorry, I have major OCD. Everything else is great though!
KommanderKK KommanderKK Jun 08
Miranda393 Miranda393 Mar 31
I think I read that wrong... her boyfriend's SIXTEEN and she's only fourteen??!!?!?!?!
Olicity4evr Olicity4evr Jan 24, 2016
Before I read I just want to know who Oliver ends up with...
WeirdieMe WeirdieMe Jan 10, 2016
STUPID MORIA!!!!!!!! Awesome story though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!