My Second Chance (Being Edited)

My Second Chance (Being Edited)

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LimePony By LimePony Updated Feb 22, 2017

"Why would you do this Liam I thought you loved me" He laughed in my face.

"Just because your my mate doesn't mean that I want you, I mean seriously look at you. Everything you said about yourself was true. who would want you?" I can't believe him, where's the sweet mate that I had yesterday?

"Why would you do this to me? I'm your my mate!" I yelled.

"First of all don't ever raise your voice at me. I just wanted sex, I wanted to see how it felt. Everyone says that sex with your mate is the best! I couldn't pass up that opportunity, now get over here kitten let me show you how to pleasure your mate." 

"Are you crazy? You just slept with someone. I am not going anywhere near you or that dirty bed!"

"YOU WILL DO AS I SAY! I'M YOUR ALPHA NOW GET OVER HERE!" I jumped at his harsh tone. I wanted to fight it but I couldn't, he went all Alpha mode on me. Man this sucks, why does my mate have to be douche.

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GraciousStoryNazi GraciousStoryNazi Apr 12, 2016
Smh.  She just seen him having sex with that other chick like not even an hour ago. Smh. Easy much.
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Feb 12, 2016
This is disgusting cuz of what's going to happen. I feel bad for her
essie_neh essie_neh May 11, 2016
Um, just hours ago he was f#cking another girl and you just handed over your v-card like 0_o
Tmilton1 Tmilton1 Feb 14, 2017
She just gave away her virginity like it was a stick of gum😑
Love_Me_Yet Love_Me_Yet Feb 21, 2016
Idek girl. We came in on the part where he treated your entire life
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Sep 27, 2015
Why would you have a crush on that man whore? I mean he could be a cool guy but he doesn't seem like one