Kidnap by GOT7?!

Kidnap by GOT7?!

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Hey i'm Seuni, i'm a normal teenage girl, i live a normal life with my family,dad is the director of one of the most awesome entertainment in Korea... YG,mom is a model, like i said normal well for me..

Being the child of two famous people
Isn't as good as you think
You live alone,you never have someone to be beside you in tough times...
That's a normal life for me...
And the worst of all...they all think i'm a spoiled brat...
My parents told me that i should act like they give me everything
But they can't even give my

but my life changed a lot cause .... I got kidnap by Got7 .....

TzuAngel TzuAngel 3 days ago
Can I just point out how JB looks like some weird little boy
--malia-- --malia-- Aug 13
wtf is wrong with this girl and why would she want to do anything embarrassing
sOaP__sNaKe sOaP__sNaKe Aug 12
I'm done with this fanfiction. Hell can claim me now this is so terrifying
bbyeollie bbyeollie Jul 30
You, my friend, have a disgusting attitude. So stop it before I smack you witH A FUCKIN HAMMER
- - Aug 10
I'm spoiled but not like this and do she got the number of prince mak tho
Ayuda_ Ayuda_ Jul 20
spoiled brat who can't use punctuation right and have wrong spelling; it's the typical spoiled brat p.o.v