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Adopted by the Alpha

Adopted by the Alpha

11.9K Reads 529 Votes 6 Part Story
-TheAlphasMate- By -TheAlphasMate- Updated Feb 16

Sara is on the run. Has been for quite some time. In her hopefully final run from the rogue pack that has been antagonizing her small group for as long as they have been running, she is wounded and taken hostage. She has just begun to accept her new life as a prisoner, when a new group of wolves come along. Where will she end up in her messed up, confusing world?

MC__Cutie MC__Cutie 3 days ago
I feel that the story is going to fast but other than that it sounds great!
CompromisedMortality CompromisedMortality Feb 11, 2015
Do the rouges have something against Werecats? Hmm....
                              Great book!!!
knownaschloe knownaschloe Feb 10, 2015
I've never read a story about werecats. This is honestly really interesting.