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Ghosts are a Bitch

Ghosts are a Bitch

1.2K Reads 11 Votes 14 Part Story
Elisa O'Brien By NinjaSora Updated May 26, 2013

Rikku has gone through a lot the last 4 years and the only thing that has been keeping her going is her friends. But the thing that shakes her world is that her past is coming back to visit her. Will Rikku be able to handle this and take care of it? Or will the pressure from it all be too much for her?

galwithgall galwithgall Aug 15, 2010
Interesting! It makes me want to keep reading to answer all the questions I have~ :D
peacelovedance peacelovedance Aug 02, 2010
Awww this story is cute so far, but I'm still curious as to who the girl in the window is.
peacelovedance peacelovedance Aug 02, 2010
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