Innocent Love

Innocent Love

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M.S.L By WelcomeToMyWorld4 Updated Nov 12

This continue on until 20. By now my butt is all red and probably a hint of purple. My hair is a mess, my eyes are probably puffy, and my lip is swollen from biting it too much. He pulled me up. My legs were wobbly before I could fall he made me straddle him. 

Before he could say anything I let out an ugly sob and started to punch his chest. 

"I hate you!" *punch* "I hate you." *punch* "I hate you." *punch* 

Every punch became weaken and every 'I hate you' became softer. I was sobbing and crying into his chest. I hugged and held his shirt so tight. I was so scared and ashamed. All I needed was him. He was my addiction and I'll die without him.

Puppy love is the cutest especially when it becomes real love
I love your book and choice in music. Taylor Swift Is AWSOME.
Really people she's saying that because it's about her brother..... I hate when girls talk about my brothers.... even at age 22 it's still creepy