We're Both Broken

We're Both Broken

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Ciel Phantomhive has moved out of London due to an "incident" at his old school. He started attending a small town school and instantly becomes popular from his good looks and very laid back behaviour. Yet, everyone assumes he's perfect besides his mysterious eyepatch... but the truth is, even someone like him has flaws. 

Alois Trancy isn't as popular due to his uncontrollable emotions since he has a Bipolar disorder, and that he's obviously gay. When he first meets Ciel, he is automatically attracted to him. And just because he's a grade ahead, doesn't mean he can't have feelings for a boy like Ciel. 

When Alois finds out Ciel's secret, he doesn't react as Ciel expects. He can't even take his mind off Alois. Never having a crush on a girl before... he couldn't be gay, could he?

"I slap you, I slap, slap, slap you"
                              Anyone who got that reference i love you
That is seriously how i made friends with my best friend she came up to me and said "Hey want to be best friends?" and i said sure.
Why they are so annoying to you is because you're gay for alois ciel.
I give off that vibe so often and i am usually like to my friends "the only thing gayer than me is gay itself
Oh sweetie, didnt u know that alois is bipolar and if he sees you talking to his ciel then he will have to come to your house and force hannah to kill you
I have a boyfriend and he looks and acts like Alois and all my anime-loving friends are soooo jealous