Rolly | The Broken Mind Sagas

Rolly | The Broken Mind Sagas

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T. Ellery Hodges By ToddHodges Completed

Girl with Multiple Personality Disorder... Vs Zombies

"...Some people had it.  A piece of themselves that was holding out, waiting for the world to go to hell."

Rolly awoke in the days after the grid went down. Until then, she'd spent her entire existence trapped in a padded room within the unconscious mind of Molly. It has been three years since Molly went dormant. Abandoning Rolly to the struggle of survival in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Now, something has brought Molly back to the surface. She intends to use Rolly as a weapon, but the girl who has been sleeping through the worst period in human history has a conscience, and it's liable to get them both killed. The battle for control has just begun.

These entries are still in a draft state, and may change drastically before finalized (please be gentle).

If you enjoy these initial entries of Rolly, please check out my first novel,  The Never Hero,  published in late 2014 as the initial entry into The Chronicles Of Jonathan Tibbs series.  Currently, I'm working on the completion of the sequel, The Never Paradox.  If you're here for The Rolly Experiment, remember to include a #RollyExperiment at the beginning or end of your comment.

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