Gray X Kira Strauss, The Cousin Of Mirajane

Gray X Kira Strauss, The Cousin Of Mirajane

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ashdarkangel By ashdarkangel Updated Jul 16

Kira Strauss is the cousin of Mirajane Strauss. Kira is an S class wizard, but no one knows her magic or anything about her. All they know is that she is the cousin of Mirajane, Lisanna and Elfman. This had gotten Natsu curious and the rest of team Natsu, except Gray though.


Who knows? Read to find out.

Dancer_girl_2004 Dancer_girl_2004 Apr 11, 2016
Woah Boyfriend I did not see that coming 😮/😲/😀/😄
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Juvia expression right now : 😲😱
                              My expression right now: 😲😱
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@sportyartist she made my character, Emiko Angel (profile pic) for a story I'm making
ashdarkangel ashdarkangel Jan 30, 2015
@amationary I did all the ones in this book and a few others