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♕ Khaleesi ♕ By FallonDeMornay Updated Apr 28

**Formerly Titled PLAYING IN THE SHADE** 

Tristan Shade is accustomed to always getting his way. A man with the world at his fingertips, there isn't anything he can't have. Or anyone he can't conquer.

On the cusp of finalizing his divorce, he's free to do as he pleases. And he has his eyes set on a prize too
captivating to ignore. Her reluctance only adds to the intrigue. 

Tristan Shade always gets his woman.

Laura Pierce is no man's doormat. And she isn't accustomed to accepting failure. She's a woman who's fought and clawed to ascend the ranks in a field dominated by men. Making her a force to be reckoned with.

But in the corporate world of Executives and Investors, money drives the bottom line and unfortunately she just doesn't have enough of it.

A proposed merger with Shade Enterprises could solve all of her problems. All she has to do is...submit. Can Laura separate business from pleasure?

Does she even want to?

**Image and all rights/credit belongs to artist Oleksiy Maksymenko**

Lol boys really don't want love till it's torture 
                              A pain in the ass that's when they get interested
caryct caryct Mar 20
This is very well written, love the detailed descriptions :) 
Amazingly written not to forget awesomely described 
                              I am so glad I read that valentines book and got introduced to you 
                              I enjoyed every bits of this chapter! You're amazing!
You're looking extremely amazing on that pic and I am absolutely sure I'm going to enjoy this!  May a smile remain on your face for as long as you exist!
Why does the last qns hold more meaning than it seems to appear?  Feels like she's a price to claim
Yeah I totally agree with that 
                              If a guy makes someone plan our date and I hear about it, you're literally going straight to my murder list lol