The Great Escape [H2OVanoss Fanfic]

The Great Escape [H2OVanoss Fanfic]

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Deine Mutti By SaraPhoenix14 Completed

What happens when your friends betray you? Sometimes you forgive them, sometimes you don't. In this story Vanoss doesn't and things get pretty bad. He's not able to control himself and kills them. Now he pities everything and wants everything to get back to normal. He gets a chance to live his life from a new perspective but what he doesn't know is that he made the choice already when he killed his friends. This new perspective however isn't as good as he thought. However he will meet someone who will change the way he thinks.

*The whole fanfic is in Vanoss's point of view*

Artwork by: Adam Stokes (@AdamStokesART on Twitter)

This would be me if I randomly punched someone in the face XD
wizardssuck wizardssuck Aug 03
also you held him so you left like all the evidence lmao run
MountFelina MountFelina Aug 18
                              WHAT THE FRAG
                              WHERE ARE THE NINJA TURTLES WHEN YOU NEED THEM?! ;~;
I can't get over the fact that his last name rhymes with dong
What? I honestly thought it was Jon that whole time, so when I read the part where she says "Evan", I was just like, "Wait, hold up. What?" I had to read it a few times, then it clicked.
I thought Delirious was the main character and that he killed Evan at the beginning or the story I am so confused 🙃