The Great Escape [H2OVanoss Fanfic]

The Great Escape [H2OVanoss Fanfic]

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I... sad By SaraPhoenix14 Completed

What happens when your friends betray you? Sometimes you forgive them, sometimes you don't. In this story Vanoss doesn't and things get pretty bad. He's not able to control himself and kills them. Now he pities everything and wants everything to get back to normal. He gets a chance to live his life from a new perspective but what he doesn't know is that he made the choice already when he killed his friends. This new perspective however isn't as good as he thought. However he will meet someone who will change the way he thinks.

*The whole fanfic is in Vanoss's point of view*

(This is 2014/2015 trash, don't read this.)

Artwork by: Adam Stokes (@AdamStokesART on Twitter)

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H2oShook H2oShook Apr 21, 2017
I would have thougt it was Delirious if I didn't read the discription.
IShipPeopleCuzICan IShipPeopleCuzICan Jul 03, 2017
I mean, if you tell someone you know their future you should expect them to ask you questions... Also I'm not a man but I still cross my legs after she hit him in the nuts should I be concerned about that?
__Wolfie236__ __Wolfie236__ Mar 20, 2017
*sings completely off tune* every body wanna steal my gurllll everybody wanna take her heart away
yertalert yertalert Feb 02
i just imagine that one vine where the guy has the rubber snake and pranks the other guy making him scream
                              that was WAY to long
                              LIKE THIS DI- okay bye
MinYoonDuck MinYoonDuck Sep 27, 2017
Randomly throwing punches like a bitch. This isn't me if you're asking. I would probably fall asleep or something.
CatTheEggHater CatTheEggHater Jan 21, 2017
I thought that she said that she knew everything about him shouldn't she have been more prepared about it?!