When Ally becomes a newly single woman, she is determined to meet the man of her dreams. Never truly expecting it to actually occur, she is amaze to find herself drawn to a dark, mysterious stranger leaning against the bar. He was utterly irresistible. Despite her friends’ protests, she willingly follows him outside the bar and soon realizes that her world will never be the same again.
I first read this six years ago and have loved it ever since can't wait for book three please hurry up and write it.
this was a good story....enjoyed it....can't wait to read book 2.
very good. can follow it with understand each chapter.  looking for more books.
if it was so crowded then how could she she him from were she was dancing?
I read this story on FictionPress, I don't remember if it had the same title, but I remember this story. It's exactly the same.
@timsmith9647 This is not anything like twilight, it's better, at least her stories are actual published works.