Forever and Ares ✔

Forever and Ares ✔

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According to Myth, the Trojan war was caused by the kidnapping of the most beautiful woman on earth, Helen. Her husband, Menelaus, and his power hungry brother, Agamemnon, sailed across the Aegean Sea to wage war against the Trojan and take Helen back to Sparta. But no one knows of the fierce and undying love between Helen and the god of war, Ares. So what happens when, 3000 years later, Helen is reincarnated by the Fates without Ares' knowledge? Will they be able to finally be together or will history repeat itself?

Ares won't allow Helen to push him away again, but Helen can't accept him for two reasons. One, she is already betrothed to Markos - who is keeping her family captive until she says I do - and two, Ares was the one to kill her in one of her previous lives. How could she trust him?

What will happen when Helen returns to New York to marry Markos knowing about her history with Ares, her once forgotten love for the god returning more and more with each passing day?

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