poison in the veins

poison in the veins

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Roman Torchwick By freedjustine-kun Updated Jul 01

There is a different version of this story on Quotev! This is the second version.  Enjoy. 


I'm walking next to bickslow. The raijinshu had split up into teams of two, and me and bickslow are searching for what this dark guild, Demon crest, stole.

I'm trying my best not to think too much about my last time here... 

Bickslows babies are ahead of us, checking for other members of the guild.  And we're looking for a storage room thing, maybe the masters office in search of a red Ruby necklace. 

I gulp. Why is my throat so dry? What am I upset about?  Maybe I think I would be safer with laxus beside me. I look around and see a door at the top of a flight to the upper level. 

"Let's go, bickslow." I motioned him to follow and he did.  We walk up the floor to the upper level,  and I take the door handle,  "you think it's in here?" Bickslow asked

"Lucky guess?" 

I turn the door handle, and it's a bedroom.  Thank You, mavis,  there's no two people in here, "Lucky guess, indeed!" Bic...

I would rather be stabbed by freed then slapped. Preeeety sure he would also slap a rune on my face too...
destructx destructx Jun 01
lol he wanna slap her slap her!
                              mira almost killed u once lol
I feel like my profile pic matches my face after learning that Freed's crush starts with whips.
Rosepetle Rosepetle Feb 29
I just saw a adorable freed on the cover I wasn't expecting abuse... *mimics plu's shiver*
FraxusGruviaFraxus FraxusGruviaFraxus Dec 25, 2015
freed: hold my flower
                              Bixslow: Kick her a$$ baby, I got yo flower
                              Freed said he wanted to slap Mirajane... Why not?
hentai_gaara hentai_gaara Apr 26, 2015
I liked that first part but absolutely hated this one XD don't ruin meh feels haha