The Quest (Girl X Girl) Lesbian  Story (Completed!!!)

The Quest (Girl X Girl) Lesbian Story (Completed!!!)

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Xavier By ZTRider Completed

Laura Glimpse is not an ordinary werewolf she is an alpha, but as an alpha she must have a pact, but she doesn't. She is the first werewolf in a millennium who can't control her wolf. 

Every night her wolf will take over her and in the morning she wakes up in a different place with blood stained all over her clothes , but on one very night she remembers that she is with a girl, but each time she wakes up in the morning she is in a different place. 

Laura wants to find the girl but is it possible especially when the revelation of a moon goddess coming to destroy the world is coming soon. 

Welcome to the world of fantasy and romance.
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- - Mar 30, 2016
Taylor Swift popped into my mind by "woods" then "blood" her next album will basically be the dictionary by audible for me :|
Skye_Valdez Skye_Valdez Jun 02, 2016
This kinda reminds me of how I thought beauty and the beast was from beasts point of view