Unexpectedly, Engaged. (EXO- Park Chanyeol Fanfic)#Wattys2015

Unexpectedly, Engaged. (EXO- Park Chanyeol Fanfic)#Wattys2015

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Sehunnie <3 By yeoliely Completed

What will you do if out of No where you will be engaged to person you don't even know? What will you do if that's the only choice you have?

Oh Eun Soo is just simple kid in the town (But not as simple as you think). Accidentally, while running to meet her mother's best friend, she met a guy known as Park Chanyeol, one of the most popular guy in Korea, to whom she was "Unexpectedly, E.N.G.A.G.E.D....."

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Ah...hehehehe....some of your grammar miss author is wrong that why i don't understand...
i reread this story cuz i read like halfway then i got bordd but now i wanna reread it 🤗
Kim_CheDee Kim_CheDee Apr 10
Hi.. I'm going read this ff.. my friend recommend me ur story.. fighting
giareum giareum Jun 30, 2016
Tbh~ the grammar is confusing me. Don't be mad that I'm being brutally honest besides you said feel free to leave comments.
NickCollins1437 NickCollins1437 Jan 16, 2016
Yahhhhh babasahin ko2!!!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaa! May noypi rin na author. Pfftttttt. I'll read this till the end of the story and vote for it too. ^^ annyeong
Sarang_overdoes Sarang_overdoes Jul 02, 2015
Uhm.... The word "Yah" should only be used between friends or people of a younger age. Its consudered rude to use to an adult or someone older than you. But besides this the story is great.