The Broken Type (OHSHC fanfic)

The Broken Type (OHSHC fanfic)

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Yuuki By Pandi-Yuuki Completed

Camille Bellitonia is one half of a set of twins. The other half is her brother Cameron who recently passed away.

Her life was falling apart as she watched her brother slowly slipping. When Cameron finally let go, Camille shut herself down. She refused to speak to anyone again. That was until she was shipped off by her family to their Japanese vacation home to live on her own.

Now she faces a new school, bullies, trying to cope without her brother, and still maintain some bit of sanity. It all seemed to be too much until she met a group of boys (and one girl) that called themselves a host club. Add in the mixed feelings about new people, romance, and some accidents along the way to make for one crazy life! Will she be able to keep her vow of silence? Will she learn to accept what has happened and move on to be truly happy again?

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flowerfuck flowerfuck Apr 12, 2017
Bad time, but I'm listening to This Is Gospel and thinking of the video
blackrukh blackrukh Jun 05, 2017
this makes me realize how thankful i should be because my mother has breast cancer and fought it for 2 years. im afraid its going to come back, but im still prayin (:
Heyimagination Heyimagination Jul 24, 2017
Terminal cancer doesn't discriminate age, gender, or race. You can be 8 years old and have terminal cancer, but there are generally childrens wards
PookaJaz PookaJaz Sep 06, 2016
Um, excuse me this is the first chapter... Why am I crying? How on earth do you make me feel for a character I've known for 3 minuets.
Livv01 Livv01 Oct 29, 2016
*Has an emotionless look on face while reading this* 
                              I'm Satan.
Powerpuff_Girls09 Powerpuff_Girls09 Sep 17, 2016
I'm not crying I am just sweating (a lot) through my eyeballs