That Kingka is My HUSBAND ?! || BTS JIMIN

That Kingka is My HUSBAND ?! || BTS JIMIN

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in which a cold hearted girl named Hana trapped in her parents silly promise. she forced to marry her parents' bestfriends' son , jimin , one of the kingka called bts , which happens to be in a squad with hana's ex , taehyung. what will happen to them? 

a/n : confused? heh me too lol 

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[im not going to revise this book so bear with all mistakes I've made muaahh]

[dont read this bc omg its cringe as f istg]

xoxoexosaranghaja xoxoexosaranghaja Dec 10, 2016
It's funny how the rich peeps want to be normal but the normal peeps want to be rich
katkakbislovely katkakbislovely Jun 15, 2016
I like the story but..........sometimes i dont understand the cave man language. XD
dabjjr dabjjr Jan 02
"Why are you acting like that? Are you still mad at me?"
                              That's the right sentenve.
__Darkmoon__ __Darkmoon__ Jul 25, 2016
Yeah, okay. I already hate her. And she has to share my bame
QKylieKitty QKylieKitty Jan 05
Am I the only one who wants to laugh, because what if the child was a girl and not a boy 😂😂
Crylaughs Crylaughs Jul 25, 2016
Tbh I wouldn't care like just hand me the Chanel bags please 😍 wow I need help.