Transformers: Prime's  Daughter (Fanfic)

Transformers: Prime's Daughter (Fanfic)

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Life for you has always been a mystery. You never really knew why everyone was being so secretive and quiet around you.  There was more behind the other Hangers at N.E.S.T that they weren't telling you about. 

14 year old, Scarlett, has no idea why the government would keep her at N.E.S.T. secret facility. She's nothing special, or so she thought. Taken under the wing by Lennox, she lives the normal life of a teenager. Till one day she discovers secrets that unlock her past.  When she finds out she's Optimus Prime's daughter, her ability to be human quickly disappears as she learns to accept her true form. 

"You maybe human in this form, but one day you will find out who you truly are." - Optimus Prime 

Taken place during Transformers 3 and into Transformers 4. 

(Under Editing)

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Well, this is about to get interesting. I wonder what Optimus will say when he finds out. 😏😏😏
Okay I'll be honest... I've read this story at least fifteen times!!!
                              I wanted to let you know that I've read this book on at least seven different profiles and it never ceases to satisfy my reading obsession. Thank you for being such an amazing writer and on one of my favorite things, too. You are very talented.
I actually hate Thursdays because they go by painfully slow like torturing you until Friday morning when you wake up
tronismydad tronismydad Aug 21, 2016
First of all, I believe that this story is.....TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!
Zyra002 Zyra002 Jan 11
The poster shall be an inspirational kitty poster. "Hang in there!!"